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Visionary I Ching

Visionary I Ching Cards
Includes 64 cards and 224-page guidebook

The Visionary I Ching Cards is an updated version of the ancient Chinese oracle that will stimulate your intuition, provide timeless wisdom, and connect your subconscious mind with the conscious mind to find answers to situations or dilemmas that may occur in life. It includes an extensive guidebook and a beautiful 64-card deck. The Visionary I Ching Cards will help you discover answers to your daily questions.

The I Ching is an enlightened divination system that will stimulate your intuition, provide timeless wisdom, and help you make better decisions and resolve dilemmas. The in-depth guidebook provides helpful tools a beginner needs to get started, but this modern version of the I Ching is also satisfying for today’s more sophisticated users.

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Beyond Words | 64 cards and 224 page guidebook | ISBN 978-1-58270-731-0 | June 30, 2020